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Hrafn Gin Review

April 06, 2019

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Hrafn Scottish Gin Review Scottish Gin Blogger Jayne Carmichael Norrie


🥃 the water of life in a gin..

Hrafn gin from @ravenspiritsltd is one of the many Scottish gins I had a try of at @the_gin_to_my_tonic show in Glasgow.

It has been great to chat with Peter and Callum at the gin festivals I have went to.

This gin stays in my mind as something different.


I’m gonna make a Father’s Day guide later in the year, and this will certainly be one of the gins I’ll recommend for that.


This is a gin with a different origin story from the others.

The founders are whisky drinkers, and their love of a dram has come through in the way they make their gin.

This gin has a warmth to it and a nice wee hint of spice.

But has more of a lingering aftertaste to it, which is basically unheard of in a gin.

Something that my whisky-loving hubby really appreciates. My hubby loves a dram, and he loved this gin.


Lighten it up with a slightly sweet garnish like a bit of orange.

I really enjoyed this with quality tonic with low quinine (like @waltergregors tonic water) to make sure the lingering aftertaste is not overpowered.