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Review: Gordon Castle Gin Feast

December 05, 2016

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It's difficult to remember things after four cocktails, who knew....?

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It's strange, I remember less and less detail as the evening progresses...

Review:  Gordon Castle Gin Feast

This was my first visit to the Gordon Castled Walled Garden, what a lovely place!  It’s a shame that it was dark outside, but the fairy lights on the trees looked amazing.  My friend and I followed a crowd who seemed to know where they were going, which led us to the venue for the Gin Feast.  It had the feel of a modern barn, but in a good way!  I can’t be sure as it was too dark to take a closer look outside, but the space looked like a modern extension added onto an older building.  The interior was a scandi-chic style extension with slate floors and all glass on one side.  The building had very high ceilings, and plenty of room on its walls to hang old farming equipment to give the place some charm and allude to Gordon Castle’s rich history. 

We were warmly welcomed by our hosts and given our first course of the night, the

Amuse Boucheof Goats Cheese with a drink of Raspberry Gin topped with Prosecco. 

My friend loved it, though she did think it was perhaps a bit too big to be called an Amuse Bouche (she’s kinda geeky about food).  I really liked the combination of the Goats Cheese with the sweetness of the Raspberry Gin and Prosecco.  I would never thought of trying those two together, and it really worked.

I think the team at Gordon Castle did a brilliant job at one of the most difficult of tasks; having really efficient and friendly service but at the same time, they didn’t feel imposing at all.  My friend and I were chatting away, and before we know it we were given our

Starter  of Salmon Three-Ways; Pink Peppercorn Salmon Mousse, Hot Smoked Salmon, Cold Smoked Salmon, Lemon Gel, Beetroot, Leaves on a Toasted Ciabatta 

This was served with our second cocktail; Gordon Castle Estate Gin with Cucumber, Mint and Elderflower Tonic.  I really liked the Salmon, there was a lovely subtle Pink Peppercorn flavor in the Salmon Mousse.  I am a fan of Beetroot anyway, but again Beetroot and Salmon is a combination I wouldn’t have thought of.  Gordon Castle is giving me some great inspiration for some combinations I might like to try at home!  The Gordon Castle cocktail with Elderflower Tonic was my favourite cocktail of the night by far, and there was a very high standard set throughout the evening.  I appreciated that the cocktail with just a little bit of mint to as to not overpower the other flavours; it was just so refreshing!  After having had that cocktail my friend was insistent she was taking a bottle of Gordon Castle home with her, enough said.

Entremet - Game Terrine with Pickled Blackberries and Celeriac Roulade. 

Served with a Gordon Castle Raspberry Bramble

I really liked the Game Terrine, it was there and it was gone, haha.  I thought the Blackberry gave the terrine a nice lift in flavor, it was lovely.  I had a bit of one of the oatcakes with it, but they had quite a dense and dry texture which wasn’t quite to my taste.  The Raspberry Bramble was very nice, though I feel it would have matched with the Terrine better if was the cocktail was made a little less sweet.

The Main Event - Estate Venison Saddle Pancetta, Black Kale, Carrot and Potato with a Dark Cherry Jus

Served with a Gordon Castle Plum Gin Fizz

This was gorgeous!  I haven’t had Venison in a long time, and now I think I need to have it more often.  The Dark Cherry Jus went really well with everything. 

At this point I’m on cocktail number four so details might be a bit thin on the ground, but this was brilliant!  The Plum Gin Fizz was very tasty, though I think it would have matched with the Venison more if it was a tiny bit less sweet.  Throughout the meal I have been really impressed with the coordination between the Kitchen and Front of House.  The cocktails came just as we were served our food, or vice-versa.  It was great to have such attentive service.

To Finish - Sticky Toffee Pudding Salted Carmel and Vanilla Ice Cream 

Served with a Gordon Castle Mojito

Then we added an Espresso Martini

This was such a tasty pudding!  One of the best Sticky Toffee Puddings I have ever tasted.  The ice cream was really nice, but it was rock hard when it was first served to us.  It took a while for it to be soft enough to get your spoon through it.  The Mojito was really nice and matched well with the Sticky Toffee Pudding. 

After such a fantastic meal and feeling pretty full, I thought it would be a nice idea to combine two of my favourite things;  Coffee and Gin!  So I ordered two espresso martinis for our table. 

The Espresso Martinis were fantastic.  They rounded off what was a FABULOUS meal, it was so enjoyable.  The staff were all friendly and welcoming, and the service of the meal itself was brilliantly coordinated. 

If you ever have some time available to attend a Gin Feast I would definitely recommend it.  My friend and I travelled from Aberdeen to attend and we can’t wait to go to the next  one.