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The Scottish Gin Quiz - Tinder for your tastebuds!

January 13, 2018

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Scottish Gin Quiz - The Gin Match-Maker! Take our quiz to find out out which Scottish Gin matches you preferences.

The Scottish Gin Quiz The Gin Room
Find the best Gin for you with our Scottish Gin Quiz

The Scottish Gin Quiz - The Gin Match-Maker!

There has been a Gin Boom all over the UK, but no area has grown so fast as Scottish Gin.

With an increase of over 50% in the category, and with increased interest from all over the world, there seems there is still a lot of growth still to come.

One of the downfalls of all this growth, is that it has now become tricky to know which one to pick.

Do I choose the one that is made with native Scottish Juniper? Or do I choose the Gin which is in the region that has the closest family ties to me?

Do I pick one with a really pretty bottle? The most sustainable distillery? One that goes great with some Mint? Soooooo many choices!!

You don't have to be confused any longer Gin fans.

We give you....*drumroll*

The Scottish Gin Quiz!

By asking you just 4 questions, we give you a bespoke Scottish Gin recommendation based on your location choices, flavour, what makes your Gin unique, and favourite garnish.

Go to our Homepage and click on the 'Gin Quiz' tab.